Saturday, March 21, 9 PM
Sundials, Advlts, The You Go Girls, Reps @ Strange Matter – $5

Obviously those of us here at RVA Mag think magazine publishing is pretty goddamn cool. Almost all of us got our start by making zines in our spare time (I did my first one when I was 15). The expenses behind these labors of love can result in less-than-prolific release rates, but it’s always special when another issue of a self-published zine comes into the world–especially in these days when it’s much easier to just post whatever you have to say to a blog and subject it to the internet’s short attention span. Therefore, I must say I’m looking forward to the new issue of Draft Dodger, an irregularly-published newsprint zine from local punks Carl Athey and Jake Cunningham (with some help from their friends). The official release party for the new issue of Draft Dodger is happening this Saturday at Strange Matter, and it’s also a benefit for the local anti-sexual violence organization Safe Harbor. So that’s two different great reasons to hit up Strange Matter Saturday night–and I haven’t even told you about the bands yet!

Predictably, Sundials will be headlining this show. I say “predictably” because Carl Athey of the Draft Dodger crew also plays bass in this band. Sundials have a melodic punk sound that was showcased to excellent effect on their recent Topshelf EP, Kick, and since that EP’s release, they’ve beefed up their sound by adding Chris Carreon (Springtime/Family Cat) on second guitar. So even if you’ve seen them before, you’re gonna want to catch this set and check out their new louder sound. Advlts, who are driving down from Baltimore to entertain RVA on a weekend, have a scrappier version of the punk rock thing going on, and from them, you can expect a whole bunch of blink-and-you-miss-it speedy punk tunes–which still manage to have quite a bit of melody. New local bands The You Go Girls and REPS kick off this whole shindig, and there will be zines available for your perusing pleasure inbetween sets, so go support print culture, sexual violence survivors, and great music! It’s gonna rule. -Andrew Necci,┬á