The Total Package

Saturday, July 22, 9 PM
The You Go Girls, The Smirks, Blush Face @ Flora – $5
OK, I have a confession to make. When I first saw The You Go Girls play, it was very early on in their career, and I was definitely not wowed. Between the singer’s wild antics and the ultimate leather-jacket rock n’ roll riffage the backing musicians were dishing out, it all seemed a bit over-the-top. I honestly couldn’t tell whether I was even supposed to take them seriously. That was a while ago, though, and this band’s done a lot of growing since then. For one thing, somewhere along the way they added local songwriter Pete Curry on keyboards, which gave their sound a layer of buzzy melody that really took it to the next level. For another, they developed a much more fully-realized sound, finally growing into their potential and turning what might have seemed a bit like a hot mess at first into a really catchy, enjoyable rock n’ roll band.

I mean, they’re still a little bit of a hot mess these days, but I think that’s by design, as vocalist Shawnis seems to have reached his goal of being an even more out-of-control frontman than Iggy Pop. With the passel of excellent tunes that the band has included on new EP Teeth in their arsenal, The You Go Girls are prepared to both entertain you with a night of completely insane hijinks and get your head nodding to some legitimately great songs. They’re basically the total package where live rock n’ roll is concerned, and if you haven’t had the experience in the past, now’s definitely the time! With supercool young punks The Smirks and fast-rising melodic rockers Blush Face on the bill, this night is also a total package of sorts. What more could you ask for?

-Drew Necci